A survey is a human research. It is a field of Applied Statistics.It is a measure of opinions, interests and experiences of people through interactions.

AARAA undertakes political surveys based on meticulous interactional research and provides management assistance to different political parties and leaders. Special survey formats are designed as per the needs and requirements of the clients and the most significant information is collected for analysis and reporting.

AARAA makes use of the most sophisticated technology in its survey research. The specially trained field staffers take up surveys in the actual field and their interactions with voters and individuals are directly monitored through the satellite technology. The Central Monitoring Team members at the AARAA Head office at Hyderabad continuously see the survey interactions through video and at the same time they record the responses of the selected sample individuals of the population. Since AARAA is committed for accuracy of information, its reports stand to the closest realities.

AARAA undertakes the following different surveys.


(A) Opinion Poll Surveys:

A research survey is conducted to represent the opinions of voters and people in the respective constituencies through a series of questions and then their preferences are recorded, analyzed and the significant findings are submitted for extrapolation.

Opinion Poll Surveys and Pre Poll surveys form the most reliable means to acquire a dependable understanding of the present political scenario and trends in the constituency. The surveys make the contesting candidate discern the voter's expectations, preferences and behaviour.

We, in AARAA, follow scientific methodologies to arrive at the closest possible political predictions in the constituency. We identify 1% of the voters in each polling booth in the entire constituency and the sample of voters we select encompasses different demographic parameters like age, educational qualifications, profession, gender, caste and so on. The report thus prepared out of our meticulous survey observations provides a solid base on which commendable election-winning strategies and political plans can be evolved.

Our report includes a detailed description of the following.

  1. Local issues and problems

  2. Voters' understanding of different politicians

  3. Personal popularity of different leaders

  4. Voters' opinion on different government schemes

  5. Personal views of voters on the
    • State Government

    • Chief Minister

    • Ministers

    • MLAs and Party local leaders

  6. Voting percentage achieved by different political parties in the preceding elections

  7. Strengths and limitations of different political parties etc.

We organize definite number of poll surveys on behalf of the client in the respective constituency during a particular time period so as to assist the client to follow a winning strategy.

(B) Exit Poll Surveys :

In the Exit Poll Survey a poll of voters is taken immediately after they exit the polling stations and the information of whom theyhave actually voted for is recorded.

(C) Post Poll Surveys :

In the Post Poll Survey the field researchers personally interact withthe selected voters in the respective constituencies after the voting is over but before the results are announced. In the Post Poll Survey, in addition to the voting behaviour, the voters' preferences for different parties and candidates and their reasons are particularly recorded.

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A survey is a human research. It is a field of Applied Statistics.It is a measure of opinions, interests and experiences of people

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