Poll Promotions

Poll promotions form an important and integral part of AARAA's professionalism. The promotion strategy incorporates different objective oriented tasks.

(A) Social Media Promotions :

AARAA attaches a special 'Poll Manager' to the contesting candidate. He provides all updates of campaigning and poll management activities taken up at different spots in the constituency to the candidate. He also takes those updates to all smartphone-owning voters in the constituency though Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Mails, Websites and Mobile Applications.

The Social Media promotion activity begins well in advance and continues till the elections.

(B) Mass Media and Tele Media Campaigning :

The research evidences made it clear that only 34% of voters are reachable through 'Social Media'.

AARAA, therefore, has a wining strategy and we influence 80% of voters through 'Mobile Based Network'. Text Messages, Voice Calls, WhatsApp and imo Presentations, Missed Call Registered Campaigns etc. are the productive means to reach and influence the maximum possible voters to the side of the candidate.

Since the mobile phone has become an inseparable part in our life today, test messages, video presentations through WhatsApp and imo form the most influential media to win voters and their support.

It must be noted that the Missed Call Campaign facilitates identification of voters on the side of the candidate and also those on the side of different opposing Parties. This identification paves the way for designing of strategies to attract activists of other Parties to the candidate.

The mass media influential campaigning has a definite time schedule to follow.

(C) Outdoor Publicity :

One month before the election notification appears, experts in outdoor publicity are deployed in the constituency and they take care of effective publicity methodologies.

The appointed experts make use of different publicity platforms like posters, pamphlets, templates, flexies, banners, Chariot/Vehicle based campaigning, flags, badges, slogans etc. to keep the maximum possible voters on the side of the contesting candidate. AARAA would keep a supportive vigilance on the publicity task to ensure that every hit brings a big success to the candidate.

(D) Campaigning Design and Coordination :

AARAA designs a well-planned campaigning roadmap for the contesting candidate and also for the supporting 'Star Campaigners'. In addition to that, the Poll Managers and Campaign Designers are guided for effective coordination of all the concerned Party leaders and activists in the constituency so that frequent and maximum possible interactions between voters on the one side and the contesting candidate with his supporters on the other are assured.

The campaigning and coordination strategies will provide the contesting candidate with working confidence and peace of mind so that his visualization of success and winning of the election will be very close to the reality.

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