Election Management

The political campaigning and other related activities must be initiated, executed, monitored and guided in the constituency in a professional way.

AARAA stations definite number of Poll Management Experts in the constituency well in advance of the elections. They execute their operations as per the fixed schedules and they continue their tasks till the elections are held.

The experts design and execute all pertinent political activities in the constituency to draw voters to the contesting candidate. They organize the entire 'Publicity Campaign'. They are accountable for Data Bank Management. They get all necessary permissions from the government to put the designed political strategies into practice. The experts also act as the liaison between AARAA on the one side and the Ministers, constituency leaders, Party activists and voters on the other. All this is to ascertain 'assured affiliation of voters' with the contesting candidate.

About Us

Management activities have become an inseparable part of politics in the most developed democratic systems of the world

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A survey is a human research. It is a field of Applied Statistics.It is a measure of opinions, interests and experiences of people

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AARAA is in the loftiest consideration of many leaders and parties. Its Clients List includes many popular parties and leaders.

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