Data Collection and Analysis

Professional training to the Party Cadre for collection of reliable data from the selected voters in the constituency forms a significant feature of the AARAA surveys. The training is provided to the cadre to equip each activist with confidence and expertise in professional communication.

The training curriculum includes the following items.

  1. Identification of different institutions to influence voters towards the candidate.

  2. Identification of different leaders representing various demographic parameters like caste, religion, communities, gender, etc. and also leaders representing different groups like youths, workers, students, farmers, women who can influence voters towards the contesting candidate.

  3. Categorization of voters in every polling booth under different parameters like age, gender, occupation, caste, religion, education, communities etc.

  4. Identification of different developmental projects and works taken up with the funds provided by the Central, State and Local governments and their current status.

  5. Identification of beneficiaries of different government schemes in each polling booth.

  6. Identification of voters' problems and issues, their preferred solutions to them and their expectations from the contesting candidate.

  7. Identification of voters to be included as well as deleted in each polling booth as per the current data.

  8. Identification and analysis of votes achieved by different political parties in the preceding Parliament, Assembly and Local Body elections.

  9. Law and order situation during the last elections.

  10. Money power and muscle power employed in the last elections.

During the training, a detailed explanation about each and every item pertaining to winning political strategies of the contesting candidate is provided to the cadre and the questionnaires are handed over them.

A definite schedule is planned in advance for the purpose of data collection, analysis and reporting.

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